Mr. Abid H.K. Shirwani,
President SATHA

I feel proud to announce the establishment of South Asia Triple Helix Association at our university. South Asia THA (SATHA) Chapter has been formed to elicit regional growth and economic development through enhanced coordination and networking. At SATHA we strive for more networking and collaboration between University, Industry, Government. We are hopeful that through this chapter we will ensure regional competitiveness through research based interactions between universities, academicians and governments.

Loet Leydesdorff, Vice President
THA, (Professor at University of
Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Establishment of the South-Asia Triple Helix Association Chapter in Lahore Pakistan carries much significance for the THA community as a whole. It is matter of great pleasure for me that THA expands its boundaries to the less developed regions and through which these regions will have an opportunity to be networked with the international community of researchers, academicians, and business professionals. I am sure the opening of the South Asian chapter will bring new opportunities for knowledge-based innovation and economic growth through better networking between universities, industries, and governments.

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