Pakistan Policy Institutes Network - PPIN

A Policy Institute is an organization that plays a critical role in building a society, country and a nation. The research, analysis and policy advice related to socioeconomic aspects not only change the course of human life but also set the future directions and development path. However, the decisive role of think tanks has not yet been realized in Pakistan.

We must replace the scattered working with joint and collaborative working in order to formulate and advocate policies that can take the country out of contemporary problems and direct it towards  progress and prosperity. By building a network of policy institutes we can better plan and achieve this goal.

The network will include

  • Policy institutes in science and Technology
  • Policy institutes in education
  • Policy institute in economics and industry
  • Policy institute in planning and development
  • Policy institute in social, regional and  strategic studies

Working of Pakistan Policy Institutes Network – PPIN

South Asia Triple Helix Association (SATHA), Riphah Institute of Public Policy (RIPP) will jointly work for the management and coordination of PPIN

Outcome of Network

  • Strong link with science, education and economics through policy
  • Strong advocacy for policy implementation
  • Critical review and analysis of policy impact
  • Sharing of tangible and intangible resources
  • Joint working for common and shared goals of country development

Objectives of Pakistan Policy Institutes Network - PPIN

  • To share ongoing working of research and planning in policy areas
  • To share strengths and resources of each policy institute
  • To share interest and future working in policy areas
  • To find out common grounds of joint working
  • To find out how joint working can expedite development
  • To jointly plan policy advocacy for better implementation
  • To jointly plan research in policy areas
  • To plan how to link science with economics through policy tool

The first Brainstorming Session on Establishment of PPIN was held on February 15, 2017 in Riphah Institute of Public Policy, Evacuation Trust, Islamabad. The meeting was jointly organized by South Asia Triple Helix Association (SATHA), Riphah Institute of Public Policy (RIPP) and Institute of Research Promotion (IRP)



SATHA has arranged 2nd meeting of Pakistan Policy Research Institutes Network - PPIN. This policy advocacy exercise by SATHA was jointly initiated by Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE) and Riphah Institute of Public Policy (RIPP) Islamabad. The meeting was held on May 19, 2017 at 10 am to 2 pm in PIDE, Islamabad. SATHA has taken initiative of Policy Research on Marble and Gemstone in its 2nd meeting of Pakistan Policy Institutes Network - PPIN. SATHA has also initiated next working of PPIN on Funding for Policy Research and Database Access.

Members of Pakistan Policy Institutes Netwrok (PPIN)


Member Institutes


Riphah Institute of Public Policy-RIPP


University of Management & Technology-UMT


Planning Commission of Pakistan-PC


Centre for International Strategic Studies-CISS


Institute of Research Promotion-IRP


Sustainable Development Policy Institute-SDPI


Institute of Strategic Studies-ISS


Institute of Policy Studies-IPS


Pakistan Institute of Development Economics-PIDE


Centre of Policy Studies-COMSATS


Policy Research Institute of Market Economy-PRIME


Pakistan Institute of Parliamentary Services-PIPS


Institute of Regional Studies-IRS


South Asia Triple Helix Association-SATHA


Leadership for Environment and Development-LEAD

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