The Entrepreneurial Scientists of Pakistan

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The entrepreneurial scientists of Pakistan consist of an annual directory of entrepreneurial scientists of Pakistan which presents 10 academic scientists of Pakistan annually who contributed to the society and industry. The collection only means the sampled scientists in our study. There are a number of good scientists with great impact, we could not reach out to them yet. Our limitation also includes our interviews and survey about the life of these selected scientists. We have conducted detailed interviews with the scientists, peers, associates, beneficiaries and the people worked or lived with these scientists. Most of the scientists are under the observation of our study for last 2-3 years.

The criterion of inclusion is an academic person having proven impact in the society other than the academic role of teaching, research, publication and administration. The society means any type of business, social venture, development activity, and interventions have improved the lives of people. The magnitude of impact and scope is very broad and multidimensional.

Our journey of study on entrepreneurial scientists started back in 2013 in response to a question that can scientists play the dual role of serving academia and society. The collection of case studies of good number scientists for the purpose of a book gave birth to the idea of annual directory.

Now, the project is a regular and continuous study of these scientists. The directory will be published annually along with their video documentaries. The scientists can share their academic and non-academic impact with [email protected] for review and inclusion.

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