The Entrepreneurial Scientists – Serving Science and Society

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The study is being conducted by two researchers and is a continuous research project spanning many years. The project includes case studies of more than 100 scientists who made a significant contribution to the improvement of human life experience. It also includes the scientists who are listed in the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) website as model case studies showing technology impact.

The book consists of 20 case studies thoroughly selected after a detailed study of around 300 cases from the WIPO website and other sources. The selected scientists are presented in this book and more will be included in the forthcoming versions. The study starts with an introductory chapter based on existing literature review on the subject of entrepreneurial scientists. The second chapter includes 20 case studies of academic professors with a focus on improving the human life experiences of the real world. The third chapter includes thematic highlights of the study extracted from the cases and literature. This is the most significant part of the study. A total of four themes are presented as a PESE framework for entrepreneurial scientists along with summary discussion for each theme.

The PESE framework includes components as such as personality, environment, scientific and enterprising skills of the entrepreneurial scientists. The fourth chapter presents a critical discussion, scholarly review, and conclusion of the entire study presented in the book. These are the scientists who published their research which became the basis of many products in the market. The study findings help individuals, institutions and policy planners in developing impact making entrepreneurial scientists. The institutions can devise policies, plan interventions and take actions to foster a culture of academic entrepreneurship based on the findings of this book.

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