South Asia THA Chapter Pakistan


South Asia THA (SATHA) Chapter has been established to elicit regional growth and economic development through enhanced coordination and networking among University-Industry-Governments (UIG). By World Bank definition South Asia is the region for the southern region of the Asian continent which is comprised of eight countries Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Nepal, Bangladesh and Bhutan.

With a combined population of around 1.4 billion, South Asia is home to world's half population of poor men and women. Best climatic conditions and geostrategic locations raise the importance of these countries. The region has a wide variety of resources ranging from natural resources to sophisticated information technology resource based. The combined GDP of all eight countries is around USD 1.8 trillion and a per capita GDP is slightly over USD 1000. The area has wide educational and industrial base to uplift the economic potential of the region.

South Asia THA (SATHA) has been established to spur research, innovation economic growth and regional competitiveness in the region to cope the challenges of growing population and poverty. Among the major challenges of South Asian countries are the weak political, social and economic institutional base which has pushed the region among the poorest areas of the world. SATHA through its knowledge-based activities intends to build coordinated interactions among the suppliers and users (UIG) of knowledge.Read more...

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